Hello, my name's Debbie

I'm the whole team behind Wonderful Wolf Crafts.
I love to draw my inspirations from the natural world.

Fun facts;
- Scottish
- Left handed
-  Loves sushi
- Hates bananas

I currently create two products; tote bags and faux skulls

Hand-printed Tote Bags

My original collection of hand printed tote bags consisted of three designs which were inspired by the produce I was growing in my garden that year - carrots, radish and strawberries. From then the range has now grown to 8 different designs.

Decorative Faux Skulls

The 'skulls' I create are sculpted from air drying clay and then carefully painted. They bear a set of driftwood horns and sometimes hold 'treasures' such as shells or natural gems. They are intended as scupltural art to be displayed upon a wall.

Each one is completly unique and I give them a personal name to reflect this. They do however belong to one of the four collective families; Desert Dwellers, Forest Creatures, Galaxy Explorers or Ocean Wanderers.