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Whether it's handprinted tote bags for your grocery shopping or decorative faux cow skulls for your home each of my products are handmade and unique. This means there could be an extra print of paint here or a sprinkling more of stars there but it makes each item a little more special and personal.


Currently I create -


Handprinted Tote Bags

Constellation Necklaces

Decorative Faux Cow Skulls



To learn more about each item click on their respective photo to the right or select their page from the drop down menu.




*Unforunately because of the Plantosaurs natural fear of cardboard boxes they are unwilling to be posted and therefore are only available at physical craft events. Due to this fact I don't display a product page for them at this time. However if you would like any further information about them please feel free to email me at:

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