Decorative Faux Cow Skulls

Desert Dweller  


Decorated in mostly natural tones desert dwellers often have hardy personalities. 'Sonoran' disliked his unusual horns when he was younger but now he's grown to apprecaite their uniqueness.

Ocean Wanderer

Sometimes these skulls are adorned with sea treasures such as sea glass, pottery and shells collected from local beaches. This is 'Zale' who guards a hidden treasure, he has already found somewhere to settle down in.

Decorative Faux Skulls


These decorative skulls are sculpted by hand from air drying clay and then carefully painted. They feature a pair of hand selected driftwood horns meaning they're perfect if you're looking for some cruelty free taxidermy. They are designed to be hung on a wall but also look beautiful framed.


Due to the skulls being handcrafted it naturally makes them all unique, I give them all a personal name to reflect this uniqueness and highlight their individual qualities. However they do all belong to one of the four overarching families - Forest Creatures, Desert Dwellers, Galaxy Explorers or Ocean Wanderers. Who will you be giving a home to?


Forest Creature


Often wise and calm in nature Forest Creatures are one of my personal favourites to create. Above is 'Erez' who features a larch cone nestled in faux succulents and reindeer moss.  

Galaxy Explorer

Mystical and spiritual Galaxy Explorers often feature gemstones such as hematite, quartz or agate. 'Elara' holds some beautiful amethyst crystals and is currently looking for somewhere to call home. 

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