Decorative Faux Cow Skulls

Desert Dweller

Decorated in mostly natural tones desert dwellers often have hardy personalities. The one above is called 'Sahara' and comes with a pair of Baileyi Tillandsia. She has been lucky enough to have been given a home already.

Ocean Wanderer

Sometimes these skulls are adorned with sea treasures such as sea glass, pottery and shells collected from local beaches. This is 'Zale' who guards a hidden treasure, he is listed in my Etsy Shop as he's still looking for somewhere to settle.

Decorative Faux Cow Skulls


Each skull I create is sculpted by hand from air-drying clay and then carefully painted with either gouace or acrylics. The skulls take several days to create but they reveal their own 'personalities' as soon as they're sculpted. Due to their uniqueness I give each one a personal name. They do however share 'family' themes, currently I make skulls under 4 themes; ocean wanderers, forest creatures, desert dwellers and galaxy explorers.


Some skulls have airplant (Tillandsia) horns and will need to live in a bright room and require some simple plant care, I include a care sheet with each of these ones. Whilst others have driftwood horns which require no care and can be displayed on a wall anywhere.


Forest Creature

Often wise and calm in nature Forest Creatures are one of my favourites to create. Above is 'Leif' who is covered in reindeer moss and feautres a beautiful large faux succulent. He still has no where to live and is therefore listed in my Etsy Shop.

Galaxy Explorer

Mystical and spiritual Galaxy Explorers usually hold gemstones such as hematite, quartz, agate or even obsidian. 'Celeste' holds some amethyst and has Circinnata Tilandsia horns. She has already managed to find a wonderful home.

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