I try to keep my designs playful or meaningful and always with a twist of uniqueness. Some products will look great on you, others will look great in your home but all are handmade with care.


If you are interested in purchasing I sell my items in my Etsy Shop or at local craft fayres - check out my Upcoming Events. However if you fancy something even more unique, I also accept custom orders over email.


Where possible I try to use recycled or recyclable packaging for posting my products.



Warning: May bite, these are not a toy!


Actually Plantosaurs are very friendly, and do a great job of looking after their air-plant partners. Very low maintence as they don't need fed or walked, however the plant will greatly appreciate a light misting of water every week or so to keep it fresh and healthy.



Tote Bags


Hand-printed on 100% recycled cotton, these tote bags are great for carrying items.


Each print is designed and carved by myself. At the moment I have three tote bags in production; carrots, radish and strawberries.

Constellation Collection


Inspired by a clear winters night, I chose to transform some dinstinguishable constellations into wearable pieces of jewellery.


Currently in the collection are 'The Great Bear', 'The Hydra' and 'Scorpious'.

Tillandsia Skulls


Hand-sculped from clay, dried, painted and then paired with a set of Tillandsia (air plant) horns, these skulls look great hanging on a wall.


Even though the cow* may be dead, the plants are not and will require a light misting of water each week.


*The cow was never alive, it's made from clay remember.


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