Maker • Crafter • Dinosaur Wrangler


Hello! My name is WonderfulWolf aka Debbie Reid and I love to create.


Whether it's handprinted tote bags for your grocery shopping or shrink-plastic necklaces inspired by a clear winters night, each of my products are hand-made and unique. I draw inspiration from the natural world all around me, I mean it's pretty hard not to as it's such a wonderful place!


Each item I craft is unique: an extra print of paint here, a sprinkling more of stars there. As people we are the same but different, so why should we all have the same items? I hope my items bring a bit of fun in day to day living whilst still being meaningful.


Apart from crafting I love to eat sushi, can easily spend the whole day gardening and I keep a variety of tropical fish. (9 fish tanks to be exact, including an axolotl!) On the flip side I can't stand bananas and dislike the feel of wool cardigans.


So please have a look around and you'll soon want to be part of the WonderfulWolf pack!





P.S The tattoo isn't real, it's just a temporary one...


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