Hello! I'm Debbie,

I'm the creator and crafter behind WonderfulWolfCrafts.


I like to draw inspiration from the natural world and enjoy working with different materials and techniques. I hope for my products to bring some playfulness in to daily life whilst still retaining a useful or meaningful purpose. 


When I'm not busy crafting I love to spend my time pottering around in the garden or trying to cook a new recipe. I could easily eat sushi all day, but can't stand bananas!

Hand-printed Tote Bags


Made from 100% recycled cotton and printed by hand with wash safe fabric paint these bags are ideal for carrying anything*.


* Well maybe not anything but probably most things.

Decorative Faux Cow Skulls


Each skull is sculpted and painted by hand meaning they all turn out as one of a kind with their own personalities. I give them all a different name to reflect their uniqueness*.


* This one is called Zale.

Tillandsia Plantosaurs


These prehistoric pets will bring a little bit of fun and freshness to your home. Featuring low maintenance air plants and with no need to walk, clean or feed them, they will fit perfectly in to anybodies busy lifestyle. 


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