Hand-printed Tote Bags


Made from 100% recycled cotton and printed by hand with wash safe fabric paint these bags are ideal for carrying anything*.


* Well maybe not anything but probably most things.

Decorative Faux Cow Skulls


Each skull I create is one of a kind and I give them all a personal name to reflect this uniqueness*. They may share a collective theme however they will never be the same as they are hand sculpted.


* This one is called Douglas.

Constellation Necklaces

The 'Constellation Collection' necklaces are handmade with care - there's a surprising amount of steps to their creation*. Each one is unique thanks to an extra sprinkling of stars.


* 7 to be exact

Hello! I'm Debbie,

I'm the creator and crafter behind WonderfulWolfCrafts.


I like to use inspiration from the natural world and enjoy working with different materials and techniques. I aim for my products to bring a bit of fun in to daily life whilst still being useful or meaningful.


I love gardening and sushi but can't stand bananas.

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